The Power of Three Practices

The Power of Three Practices
“Everything is Love’”

Honor the past- Gratitude

To honor the past means to turn over the reins of life to and cultivate deeper awareness of the ancient human experience of our spiritual essence. This experience goes by different names: the “Ancient”, “Great Mystery”, Grandfather, Wakan Tanka, Creator, God, Great Spirit, Holy Spirit, Tao, and so on.
Honoring the past prompts us to acknowledge the struggles of all our ancestors whose collective sacrifices delivered us to our life as it is now. It brings us to a deep understanding that each generation shares a desire to create a better world for their children. It’s a hero’s journey. For many taking this trip means revisiting old wounds in an attempt remember and to remain true to the wisdom of those who have gone before. To accept the burden and gift of carrying the metaphoric ‘torch” passed to us. It keeps us humble and allows us to breathe new life into our souls, roots us to the ground and prepares us to see everything a new.

We honor the past by expressions of gratitude, by remaining faithful to a spirit of solidarity with all that has gone before. Honoring the past grounds us through the darkest of times with strength, courage, hope, and endurance because we understand that we are not alone in walking this ground.


Accept the present- Acceptance

You’ve got to be where you are before you can get to where you want to go.

One definition of Hell is to want things to be other than those things that are in our lives. When we spend too much time whining or complaining about the unfairness and nastiness in life we loose the present, the gift of now.

Living in the “Now” is hard work. It starts with the practice of accepting who we are, and where we find ourselves at any given time. In the now, we are challenged to let go of the broken ways of our childhoods so we can operate as responsible men and women. In the now, we function as co-creators of our lives–collaborating with the Great Mystery–as our life unfolds. In the now, we learn to accept everything that comes our way as opportunity to practice skills and learn information that will be used many times over the rest of our lives so that we can evolve into our better selves. In the now, we make peace with life’s unfairness, brutality, and pain.

It’s about working to change the things we can with the wisdom that comes from honoring the past. “Thy will be done” is the hint that accepting the present will bring it’s own rewards if we let go of doubt, fear, and the demon of control that haunts our life.

Trust the future – Faith

The future is present from the beginning. It takes its form in how we honor the past and accept the present. Waiting in the silence about what is to come and in the stillness about how it will look, and acknowledging the mystery that grows from Gratitude and Acceptance. This allows the future to be what will be. It’s about Faith. Trusting that something bigger then us, The Great Mystery, actually has our best interests at heart, and that when we learn to embrace all aspects of our human experience we are moving toward where our lives were always meant to be.

Everything is Love – Connection

Buckminster Fuller wrote that love is metaphysical gravity. Gravity of course is defined as: a universal force of attraction between all things. Thus the statement is to mean that love is a universal force of attraction between all things and connects all things. It’s Connection… Love is a natural force of nature. It is both power and powerful and it’s available to all. When we live from Love we connect more deeply with all aspects of life and find our way back Home. Home is Love. Home is where we belong. The generations before us have taught us that what is of value in our lives, “Love,” survives.

When we connect with Love- Gratitude, Acceptance and Faith bring us Home.


“It is an Honor to be Alive”
We don’t know how it got started and we don’t know how it will end, if there is such a thing as the “end”. Love tells us to never give up hope. Everything we think, do or say sends ripples out across the universe. “We will be known forever by the connections we leave”.

Life Begins At The End of Your Comfort Zone

Three Steps to Forgiveness

The process of forgiveness essentially consists of three steps that lead us from our ego back to love and our higher self.

Most of us grew up believing that you forgave by overlooking something that we believe actually happened and by doing so we would see the error that someone has made and attempt to overlook and forget about it.


When in fact we need to recognize that it is our thoughts about the situation that we need to forgive. What we made up about ourselves because of it.

You see we give everything the meaning it has for us, and therefore it is our interpretation of any situation that needs to be forgiven. So, it’s all about having ‘a little willingness’ to look at our unconscious, limiting thoughts, feelings and beliefs in order to release them.

If it’s true that “We are all Spiritual beings having a Human experience”, then whatever happened or happens to us in our lives on a form level can’t actually hurt us in anyway. It’s not to say that the behavior or event didn’t happen, but what we believed about ourselves as a result of it did not. Our true self, our spirit, was never hurt or damaged or wounded in any way.

“Well that’s all fine and great!” you say, “But how?”

Step 1

The first step entails the recognition that what we have attacked and judged against in another is what we have condemned in ourselves. That means we need to take a nice big bite of humble pie. Not an easy thing to do for sure.

You see the ego’s job is to divert our attention away from ourselves and, by convincing us that it is not inside us, we devote our attention to correcting the problem where it is not. All projection has this as its aim: to be a distraction or smokescreen so that we may never look within to where the problem truly is. What the ego does not reveal, of course, is that beyond this smokescreen lays our connection to our higher self, which is always with us. While this step does not resolve the problem, it at least leads us closer to its resolution.

Step 2

The second step entails our understanding that what we made up about ourselves, too, represents a decision, and one that can now be changed. It comes from a mistaken belief about who we are, and correction is the key to our healing. This shift is not something we can do by ourselves, but it must be something we want. Choice is our most powerful tool.

As long as we continue to believe that there is something inherently wrong with us, experiencing love becomes impossible. There is no way we can hold to this ego view of ourselves and at the same time feel loving and connected to our higher self. Love must then wait behind the veils of guilt and hate, just as peace cannot be experienced where there is fear and conflict.

Step 3

If we’ve actually accomplished both steps 1 and 2 then the door to step 3 naturally opens. Letting Love in is quite possibly one of the most terrifying steps for most.  It means we must release all control and surrender completely to it.

The fact remains that if we could undo all the negative beliefs we held about ourselves we wouldn’t need to forgive. We would know that we are whole and complete no matter what. So we learn to forgive rather than condemn, and to see that nothing has been done to us because we, in fact, have done this to ourselves. We realize that we are not the victims of the world we, but rather of ourselves, and that we now can look at this differently.

In the fist step we forgive the other, the second we forgive ourselves, which then opens the way for our anger and guilt to be replaced by Love, the final step in forgiveness.

Craig Wanless, RPC